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Every act matters.

#SmallActs Communities

Your town can become a #SmallActs Community!

A helping community is a happy community.

Once the Small Acts mission and Standard of Care is explained/presented/discussed with your local Select Board, a resolution can be drafted and voted in. We ask that the resolution incorporates some, if not all, elements of the Standard of Care listed below. 

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Share #SmallActs

We create a custom digital badge for each new Small Acts Community to share on their website, social media, or other materials.

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Standard of Care

Small Acts Standard of Care - we seek all viewpoints willing to hold these standards: 

  • Respect each other's perspectives. We all bring something to the table.

  • Reach beyond what you think is possible.

  • Celebrate all successes.

  • Learn from failed attempts. 

  • Listen to all voices without judgment, be curious, and share what you learn.

  • We are a community that believes that our strength is based in the kindness we show to one another.

  • We believe that a helping community is a happy community.

  • No act of generosity is too small or inconsequential to count - every act matters.

Postcards & Printables

We provide #SmallActs postcards and printable poster files to share with your local community to help them learn about and engage with the #SmallActs campaign. We're here to help!

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Image by Mark McCollom

Become a #SmallActs Community

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