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This page is a growing hub of resources and information available to Small Act-ors across the #SmallActs campaign. Please bookmark it for future reference.

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Huddle Resources

Info. / Resources

#SmallActs Mission

A great introduction page to share with your community.

Campaign Overview

This document answers:

What are #SmallActs? How can I get involved?

Standard of Care

The #SmallActs group member standards in carrying out our goals and mission.

#SmallActs Postcard Printable

You may print your #SmallActs postcards right at home.

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Printable Poster

Simple, Shareable and Ready to Post 8.5 x 11 size for at-home printing.

Outreach Links

Outreach Links

We love hearing about #SmallActs. Encourage Small Act-ors to share on our Facebook Group or anonymously on our CONNECT page.


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Huddle Locations

The #SmallActs campaign is growing! Take a look at our huddle location map.

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